XKaliber is the trusted online platform for tested quality CBD products.  It’s home to only the extraordinary, top quality brands full of unique natural solutions. 

In a time of increasing “moonshine” CBD products and snake oil peddlers, it is XKaliber’s mission to keep our products trusted, tested and transparent.  

That’s why we built a place where consumers can live happier healthier lives, naturally and with confidence that they are receiving exactly the product they need for those moments in life that need a little extra love. 

As a company, we lead a growing industry with our guiding principles and help spread compliance and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business to revolutionize the health of a nation.


How XKaliber Works

Our platform is a dynamic community of real people connecting over a more suitable natural option to physical challenges we as humans all suffer from. The platform empowers sellers to do what they love and helps buyers find the relief they need.

Sell With Integrity

With low fees, powerful tools, support and education, we help CBD entrepreneurs build, manage, and scale their businesses. Want to become an XKaliber seller? All it takes is a quality brand and the desire to help the world be a healthier place.

Buy With Confidence

Whether you need a better night’s sleep, to manage that pesky ache or just to take the edge off a long day, buyers can explore a variety of unique natural products they trust.

Shop Securely

We are the leaders in CBD technology, helping buyers and sellers connect and complete secure transactions. Keeping those connections safe, natural and secure is our priority, and we’re always here to help.
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